Code words for a legal interview, Part 1

- MBS Recruiting

That’s a funny question…why did she ask that? 

Interviewers SHOULD know, and SOME job applicants know, that legal guidelines interfere with the exchange of information between candidates and interviewers. In this and upcoming posts, we’ll help you break the code. Are you new to interviewing? YOU’VE GOT TO READ THIS!

Note to job-seekers: This post is intended to be helpful, but it’s not legal guidance. We do not advocate answering the question as parsed below. Your answers are up to you.

  • “What hours and days can you work?” may mean, DO YOU HAVE CHILDREN IN YOUR CARE? DO YOU HAVE A SITTER?
  • “Do you expect to be able to fulfill a busy schedule at work for an indefinite period of time?” may mean, ARE YOU PREGNANT? or ARE YOU HEALTHY?
  • “This job requires x amount of overnight travel. Do you have responsibilities outside of work that would interfere?” may mean, DOES YOUR SPOUSE AND FAMILY UNDERSTAND THAT YOU’LL BE GONE?

More straight talk about interviews to come!