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Post-Pandemic Workplace Expectations

Are you sick of hearing the word “pandemic” yet? I know I am. It feels like it will never end. However, with the new vaccines rolling out, it appears that there may be a light at the end of that ...Read More

2021 Plastics Salary Survey Now Open

The 2021 Salary Survey of Plastics Professionals is now open. All personal information is anonymous and confidential; only the summary findings will be published. By completing this survey you are entitled to receive a FREE copy of the final report. ...Read More

Social Media Do’s and Don’ts

It was brought to my attention recently that LinkedIn has started to become politicized, and now that I’m paying attention, the gradual polarization, name-calling, and insults on this professional network have begun. Is LinkedIn turning into Facebook or Twitter? Are ...Read More

Interviewing: The New Look

Looking for a new job during a pandemic can be extremely difficult, but not impossible. There ARE companies that are currently hiring. However, the interview process for both the candidate and the employer may look a little bit different these ...Read More

Men vs. Women – The Pay Gap is Real

MBS Advisors and SPE have been conducting an annual salary survey for plastics professionals for many years now. One of the factors that we look at is the difference in pay by gender. Does that old adage, “Women get paid ...Read More

Consequences of a Bad Hire

First, let’s define a “bad hire.” According to CareerBuilder, a bad hire: Didn’t produce proper quality work; Had a negative attitude; Didn’t work well with others; Attendance problem; and Skills didn’t match their claims. The costs of recruiting, interviewing, onboarding, ...Read More

Results of COVID-19 Poll

Between the dates, Tuesday, March 31, 2020 – April 3, 2020, MBS Advisors conducted an online poll aimed at individuals in the plastics industry asking if they job status had been affected by the recent COVID-19 crisis. 312 plastics professionals ...Read More