Gig me here, gig me there

- MBS Recruiting

The juxtaposition of two seemingly unrelated news stories caught my eye. My newsfeed list presented an article about the FASTEST DISAPPEARING JOBS just above GIG WORKERS ARE NOT EMPLOYEES. In my opinion, these stories are related.

The first article lists postmasters, telephone operators, and watch repair technicians in the vulnerable list. I would add taxi drivers, fast food cashiers, and travel agents. Oh, sorry, travel agents are already extinct.

The second news piece addresses the case of people who accept short-term work through sites like TaskRabbit, Handy or Angie’s List. The Labor Department calls these people contractors, not employees. That’s good news for Angie’s List, and likely it’s good news for the gig workers, who, by definition, shun the responsibility of full-time employment.

Some segments of the workforce would prefer to earn money one gig at a time, setting their own hours and often, their own work location. The pace of change in the job market serves as an excuse to check out of the traditional career scene and bump along from one project to the next.

Employers also utilize this short-term mentality when they hire temporary workers to cover a busy month or a busy season.

When is the last time you asked yourself, “When will I be replaced by technology?” This is not the time to become lethargic or comfortable in any job at any level. Excuse me, please, I must get a watch repaired before the last technician is gone.

From your perspective, what jobs are on the road to extinction in plastics or packaging? Click to my LinkedIn feed and comment.