I’ll give you an answer tomorrow.

- MBS Recruiting

At the point of an offer, employers and candidates have a huge investment at stake. Interviews, time, travel, staff time, productivity, and more. So now candidates want offers and employers want the new employee. Here are the major considerations we hear from candidates who respond, “I’ll give you an answer tomorrow.”

  • How was I treated during the interview? Was the hiring system reasonable? Did I understand the reason behind each interview step? Or does the employer appear disorganized?
  • Does the financial package meet my reasonable expectations? Will I make more money? Really?
  • What is the financial stability of this employer?
  • What’s the word on the street – or the internet – about this employer?
  • How will this job enhance my career? Will I respect my new peers and leaders?
  • Should I look to my current employer for a counteroffer? (p.s. – usually a BAD IDEA)
  • Conversely, does the deal seem too good to be true? Should I trust?
  • Gut check—do I feel optimistic about this decision?
  • Am I comfortable with the corporate culture? Would I enjoy working with these people?
  • Can I handle the commuting distance and time?
  • Do I have any other prospective offers?

Employment offers and acceptances are major decisions, sure to elicit anxiety for both parties. At MBS Advisors, we provide guidance throughout the entire process. Call us today! 413-362-7555.