- MBS Recruiting

Ever wonder what recruiters and headhunters are hoping to hear from a job candidate?

Dennis Gros of MBS Advisors shares what he looks for when speaking to a candidate.

Some key statements that might have a positive connotation include:

“I just missed a promotion. I thought I was entitled to it.”

“The company’s in transition.”

“We’ve just been acquired” or “we’ve just been sold.”

“Our company has acquired another and two divisions are merging into one. I don’t know where I stand.”

“I’m frustrated.”

“I feel there are contributions that I can make that my company really doesn’t appreciate in terms of my abilities and my performance capability.”

Hearing any of the above statements makes a recruiter want to continue the conversation.

To learn more about what both recruiters and candidates are looking for in the job search, check out a recent article written in Plastics News quoting our own Dennis Gros, entitled:  Wanted: The perfect recruit and the perfect boss