It’s Math…and Demographics

- MBS Recruiting

There are more jobs than qualified, interested job seekers. We have the statistics, and we’re not surprised. In very practical terms, here’s how the ratios play out for employers and job seekers in plastics and packaging:

  1. Employers are energetically attempting to hire for expansion. The job titles in highest demand today are sales, production management, and maintenance.
  2. Simultaneously, employers are coddling their most valuable employees. Not as many people are responding to ads, compared to one year ago.
  3. Salaries have remained stable. Expect a trend upward in the coming months (our opinion).
  4. Job seekers are more likely to accept offers near home. If you had job offer 200 miles away, and a similar job offer within commuting distance of wherever you call “home,” which are you most likely to accept? We thought so. That’s the reason employers are having difficulty pulling talent from remote cities.

Here’s an article that documents the statistics: